Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pigeon Forge-Comedy Barn's Ugly Dog Winner?

I recently posted about dog lover, trainer and Pigeon Forge Comedy Barn star Dawn(Elberson)Goehring and her 9 - oops, make that 11 precious dogs. My prior blog post did state that Dawn had 9 dogs - well that's how many she currently has in the Comedy Barn show but she does have 2 others and a pot bellied pig "in training". This story, however is only about one very special member of the Comedy Canines - her name is Ellie or Miss Ellie. She is on a quest to become the Winner of the 2007 World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma CA.

Please click the link below, go to the website and VOTE for Ellie - scroll to bottom of the page to find Ellie, then click - add your email and send your vote... Please forward this to all your friends - we need to get an Ugliest Dog Campaign going here to beat out last years winner and help Dawn and the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge have a Tennessee WINNER in 2007 !! http://www.yourfair.org/uglydogvote07.shtml

Ellie is a 10 year old rescued Chinese crested hairless. After Dawn adopted another hairless, she was asked by the owner to keep an eye out for a home for Ellie. Dawn-being a "pushover" for all dogs decided to take her and see if she could find a home. That was four years ago and the rest is history! She likes to gum the other dog's hind legs-yes "gum" because she has no teeth in the front of her mouth. That is why her tongue hangs out.

Dawn says - "This dog is the "other woman" to my husband. He fell in love with her before he fell in love with me! She was even at our wedding!" How can we let Ellie and Dawn down - GO VOTE http://www.yourfair.org/uglydogvote07.shtml At last count, Ellie had 214 votes but Pee Wee Martini had 906 to lead the pack for now - Please ask everyone on your email list to VOTE - Thanks from Ellie and me!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Geocaching in the Smoky Mountains

Geo-what? Geocaching - pronounced geo-cashing and no, it doesn't have a thing to do with money or a compact car..... Geocaching is a modern day - techno treasure hunting game where you use a GPS(global positioning system-for those of us who are electronically-challenged;-) to hide and seek containers with others. The Great Smoky Mountains provide a great place for this new hobby.

Geocaching is an activity that has appeal for a diverse group of people… individuals and families, young and old, athletic and physically challenged, technological buffs and nature lovers…people from all walks of life. The activity can be done almost anywhere in the world, and requires a relatively small initial investment. There's even a Great Smoky Mountains Geocaching Club . I can't wait to check it out but since I don't have a GPS-I'll need to tag along with one of the real geocache-sters !! Anyone up for teaching a newbie cacher?

The Geocaching sport has grown to caches in all 50 states and over 100 countries. There are many variations of the game, including virtual caches, offset caches, puzzle caches, and multi-stage caches. Blount County- TN is full of a variety of these caches that will delight all that participate in this fast growing sport. There are numerous hidden caches around Townsend, the Smokies and Cades Cove.

So visit the Geocaching.com site for a full listing of all the caches in the Townsend and Blount County area and explore areas that few visitors will ever see. If any of you "geocachers" from the Smokies would like to share your favorite Smoky Mountain cache story - please email me at heavenlycabins@charter.net I would love to hear from you.

Photo by Cheryl Gilliam

Townsend TN Spring Festival 4/27-5/5/07

Townsend TN is one of my favorite destinations in the Great Smoky Mountains especially in the spring... The quiet, laid back setting of Townsend is the reason it's been nicknamed the "The Peaceful Side of the Smokies". Come see the Smoky Mountain beauty unfold as hints of green and flower blossoms appear.

The 15th Annual Townsend in the Smokies Spring Festival & Old Timers Day offers a wonderful sampling of fun, food, crafts and history. Come, enjoy the festival and stay in a beautiful cabin rental just a few miles from peaceful Townsend in the Smokies.

On the Weekends of the Townsend Spring Festival:
Bluegrass Music and Jammin'
Appalachian Demonstrations and Exhibits
Antique Engine and Tractor Show, April 28
Antique Cars, May 4-5
Arts and Crafts Booths -Food Booths,Bar-B-Que May 4-5
Wildflower Walks and Hikes
Arts and Crafts Demonstrations in Exhibit Room
April 27-28
Basketry: Karen Kenst and Bonny Kate Sugg
Woodcarving: Lendel Abbott
Quilting: Ila Mae Morton and Maetta Conrad
Rug Hooking: Carol McBride

Arts and Crafts Demonstrations in Exhibit Room April 29
Woodcarving: Lendel Abbot

Arts and Crafts Demonstrations in Exhibit Room May 4-5
Charcoal and Pencil Artist: Andy England
Basketry: Bonny Kate Sugg -Woodcarving: Lendel Abbott
Quilting: Ila Mae Morton, Maetta Conrad
Rug Hooking: Carol McBride

Featured Authors and Book-Signing April 27-28
Missy Tipton and Paulette Ledbetter

Featured Authors and Book-Signing May 4
Doris Gove

Featured Authors and Book-Signing May 5
Charles Maynard

Appalachian Demonstrations April 27 and/or 28
Mountain Berry Basket Making and Poetry: Bill Alexander
Lye Soap Making: Sallie Swor - Heirloom Spinning: Esther Gray
Blacksmithing: Clayton Sharp - Bee Hive Observation: Tess Arnold
Cornmeal Making: Ronald Fowler
29th Tennessee Regiment Civil War Re-Enactment April 28
Moonshine Still and "Rivin" Shakes: Bill Leistner

Appalachian Demonstrations May 4-5
Chair Caning: Lois Parker - Heirloom Spinning: Esther Gray

Storytelling April 28
Dwight McCarter, Master of Ceremonies.
David "Buffalo Bill" and Jean Nelson, Lendel Abbott

Other Activities
Clogging Lessons April 27: Jack and Doris Patton
Knoxville “ZooMobile” April 28, 11am—1pm: Steve McGaffin
Old Fashioned Kids' Games April 28: Stacy Robinson
Spelling Bee May 5: Robin Goddard
Dowsing Demonstrations April 29, April 30, May 1, May 3: Charlie & Sandy Monday
Cades Cove Preservation Association Exhibit: both weekendsr
Cake Walk and Bake Sale May 4-5: Hearts and Hands Scholarship Fund

Wildflower Walks and Nature Hikes Friday, April 27:
9:00am—11:00am: Chestnut Top Wildflower Walk with Dwight McCarter.
Meet at the Visitor Center
1:00pm—5:00pm: White Oak Sinks Hike with Liz Domingue.
Meet at the Visitor Center
2:00pm: Hedgewood Gardens Walk with Hope Woodard.
Meet at the Visitor Center
Sunday, April 29:
1:00pm—5:00pm: Cucumber Gap/Little River Trail with Wanda DeWaard.
Meet at the Little River trailhead, above Elkmont
2:00pm: Hedgewood Gardens Walk with Hope Woodard.
Meet at the Visitor Center
Monday, April 30—Thursday, May 3:
2:00pm: Hedgewood Gardens Walk with Hope Woodard.
Meet at the Visitor Center
Friday, May 4:
10:00am—12 noon: Chestnut Top Wildflower Walk with Wanda DeWaard.
Meet at the Townsend Y
Saturday, May 5:
10:00am—12 noon: Tremont Area Wildflower Walk with Liz Domingue.
Meet at the Townsend Y
Need more info call Townsend Visitor Center 865-448-6134
Smoky Mountain Visitors Bureau

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs-Pigeon Forge TN

I am a real sucker when it comes to dogs......any shape or size! It's pretty evident since my husband and I have 4 dogs with at least 2 or 3 other "related" dogs hanging around most of the time. Chaotic - to say the least..... but I am NO match for Dawn Elberson of Pigeon Forge TN, not even close.....

At last count, Dawn had 9 dogs, yep you heard me - 9 dogs !!! Bless her soul - If any of you Pigeon Forge - Gatlinburg visitors have seen the wildly popular and funny Comedy Barn Show in the Smoky Mountains - you likely have seen Dawn and some of her "pound puppies". Elberson and her 9 dogs, all Humane Society rescues, appear almost nightly at the Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge. Dawn says "The newest trick in the act is my rat terrier jump roping with me". Dogs are always out during intermission at the Comedy Barn show for "meet and greet". The dogs also visit senior citizens in nearby Sevierville TN as part of an assisted living and Alzheimer's care Pet Therapy program.

These Comedy Canines are stars in their own right - not only are they a famous Comedy Barn act, they even competed on Animal Planet's animal talent contest series, "Pet Star." In one episode, Dallas, her 5-year-old Sheltie mix adopted from the Sevier County Humane Society, jumped over four other dogs. Several of her dogs have been in commercials, print work, and videos - talk about talent! I'm lucky if my dogs come when I call them! Dawn does also have a local training program - hey, that's a thought. Elberson has trained wildlife and done wildlife education programs for many years and has been training dogs professionally for 13 years.

Next time you plan a visit to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg or the Smoky Mountains - Have a heart, bring your pet or dog along for vacation. You will find lots of comfortable pet friendly vacation rental cabins in the Pigeon Forge area. You can even have Dawn Elberson "dog-sit" ! Her "Just Fer Paws" Dog Service includes: 1 acre fenced play area, temperature controlled kennel space, individual attention, play with other dogs-if requested, flexible schedule. Open most Sundays and holidays, baths and nail-clipping available, owners live on premises, doggie day care available or just bring your dog to play ! Be sure to call ahead for info - You can reach Dawn at 865-430-3383 or her website Comedy Canines **Just a little inside tidbit - Dawn told me today she will be adding something new to the act soon - top secret !! Here's a hint- Oink, Oink!

Let your dog enjoy the next Smoky Mountain vacation as much as you do !!!!