Thursday, April 23, 2009

TLC's "The Duggars -18 Kids" Coming To Pigeon Forge

Duggar Family of '18 Kids and Counting' to vacation and work around Pigeon Forge.

It'll take a lot of planning on their part, but the Duggar Family of the TLC series "18 and Counting" plans to visit Pigeon Forge and Dollywood next month. They'll be part of Dollywood's annual Dolly Parton parade and shoot segments of their show while on vacation. The ever-expanding Duggar family will be visiting May 5 -9 to "explore" Dollywood and shoot an episode of their show.

Pigeon Forge Mayor Keith Whaley invited the reality TV family; Their trek here will have them traveling 750 miles from their hometown of Springdale, Ark., to participate in the upcoming Dolly Parton Homecoming Parade on May 8.

The Duggar family trip to Pigeon Forge will be featured in a summer episode of "18 Kids and Counting," which airs on TLC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Each episode chronicles the lives of an Arkansas couple, Jim Bob and Michele Duggar, and their 18 natural-born children, who range in age from four months to 21 years. The family includes two sets of twins. For more information, visit

Details of Parton's float are a secret, but the Duggars will participate with an honorary float the City of Pigeon Forge has crafted for them.

In days leading up to and after the parade, the family will visit many Parkway attractions during their five-day stay, including seeing several live comedy and musical theaters, going to Zorb, the mountain-side free-fall inside a gigantic ball.

Info from Knox News Blog
Posted by Terry Morrow