Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check Out More Info About the Smoky Mountains

It's always fun to read about one of your favorite places! Now, we have a new blog that shares our love of the Smoky Mountains.. The Go Smoky Blog not only shares news and information about the Smokies, the writer of the blog - Raymond Owens also has an online Radio Talk Show. The topic of his Radio Talk Show??? Well, of course it would be the Smoky Mountains!!

Raymond has interviewed quite a variety of people from the area.. Some of the recent topics have been: Caving in the Smokies, Skiing in the Smokies and Geochacing in the Smokies. Raymond and his wife fell in love with the Smoky Mountains many years ago, since then they visit there every chance they get. During those visits, he shares lots of great local information.

Please check out all the great stories and interviews from Raymond at the Go Smoky Blog and his online Go Smoky Radio Show