Friday, April 03, 2009

New ZipLine At Dollywood In May 2009 !!

Wow, just read about this on's site I don't see anything about it yet at Dollywood's website .. How cool to zip over Dollywood !! Check it out..

Dollywood in Tennessee, US, is preparing to launch what will be the first multiple station zip-line experience in a US theme park.

Opening in May 2009, SkyZip will allow guests to travel over the 150-acre theme park, which is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains.The hour-long adventure will include up to five zip-line treks ranging in length from 100ft to nearly 1,000ft and a 100-foot long swinging bridge perched above the trees.Each zip-line is an elevated and inclined wire from which a pulley and a seating apparatus are suspended allowing the guest to move between two points via gravity."

SkyZip is the first of a series of premium experiences Dollywood plans to launch in the coming year," said Dollywood president Ken Bell. "These high level family experiences are 'ready-to-go' meaning our guests just show up for the thrills, no previous experience or expensive gear needed." Each SkyZip tour offers a distinctive adventure with a theme.

Fliers will launch from a perch above the park's region called Wilderness Pass and soar to Dollywood's triple spiral-looping rollercoaster, Tennessee Tornado, and beyond.One trail takes adventurers close to Eagle Mountain Sanctuary. After a brief hike, the adventurers will zip above Craftsman's Valley, which houses Dollywood's artisans, to the same point where their adventure began.

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