Monday, June 28, 2010

A Smoky Mountain Wedding Via Facebook !

A Smoky Mountain Wedding Via Facebook !

You certainly hear lots of stories about Facebook these days... but this was a first for us. A wedding at our Glimpse of Heaven cabin..... all started with a mother finding our "Heavenly Cabins Near Pigeon Forge" page on Facebook.

Laurie, the mother of the groom had been searching online when she found us.. Here's an excerpt from one of her emails to us....

"Cheryl, I've already told you that God set me up with you. I know that for a fact. He saw this mother's desire to see her son married in a Christian wedding even though I couldn't be right there. I searched and searched for the right spot for them and when I saw your cabin and bio, I knew that was the right place.

After I booked a Glimpse of Heaven, I had such perfect peace. It has been so incredible. God is so faithful. Sam and Jaimi don't realize it yet, but God had tremendous plans for them."

The next email from Laurie described the blessed union of Sam & Jaimi~~~

Everything went so well. Sam and Jaimi loved the cabin. It was a gift from God. Sam talked on and on about how beautiful it was there. The weather report was for T-storms that day, but God was good and showed them His favor by giving them a nice sunny day.

They went for long rides through the mountains and sat with their feet in a mountain river. Thank you for the nice coorespondences we had and for letting your light so shine before men that the Father is Glorified (though you).Many Blessings, Laurie

We are so very grateful that the Lord allowed us to have a tiny part in this special day. May God continue to bless Sam, Jaimi and their families.. Thank you !!

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